Brett Ferguson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brett Ferguson Photography (Brett Ferguson Photography) Sun, 15 Aug 2021 06:11:00 GMT Sun, 15 Aug 2021 06:11:00 GMT Brett Ferguson Photography: Blog 80 120 Lockdown selfies During these lockdowns, I have been restricted in accessing models and as such have continued to create using myself as a subject matter.  I am not as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind but I do enjoy continuing to explore new lighting and editing methods.  These three images are just a little taste of some that worked.

The GameThe Game ChessChess SquiggleSquiggle

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AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards 2nd place Update on the AIPP Silver Linings awards is that my image managed to get second place in the newcomer section.  A great achievement I think in my first time in the competition.  Now to find something for next years awards!


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AIPP Finalist 2020 Silver Lining Awards I joined the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers this year as a General Member as I was keen to participate in their awards system and also to add to my learning about photography.  Due to COVID-19, all of their competitions have been cancelled this year so they have generated the "silver lining awards" in their place.  I entered four images in the portrait section of the "Newcomer" section and two of my images were announced as semi-finalists.  Since then, "The Schoolmistress" has been announced as a finalist with the placings being announced on July 30th.  It's a big achievement for me given that this is my first time in but as always there is more work to be done.


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Obscura Series I have continued on with my Obscura Series which involves using a medium between the camera and the model to create an interesting effect and forces the viewer to think more about what is behind the layer.  It has an interesting reaction of frustrating some viewers because they cannot view the beauty that they perceive to be there.  For others it forces them to ask more questions like "why?" or to view the image in a different way to which they would ordinarily do so.  I love the different mediums that the series is challenging me to use.  Sometimes glass, sometimes plastic and sometimes other sources but each of them achieving the same goal of creating a barrier between the viewer and subject.  More to come from this series. FrozenFrozenPart of the #obscuraseries

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Lockdown 2.0 editing During the isolation period, I have been restricted on how many shoots I have been able to complete.  As a result I have been directing my creative energy at doing some creative editing on images.  Some of them are quite simple and some of them more complex but I do feel the urge to create in these crazy times.  I have been only able to complete a couple of shoots since our first quarantine period completed and now we find ourselves back in quarantine for six weeks. I have been entering into the weekly @__togger__ challenge on Instagram which has kept me interested and engaged but I do feel more comfortable producing my own work.   "Enlighten" was a photograph taken of Shaleen King which I then edited to place it in a suitably grand space. EnlightenEnlighten

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Snap Shots Podcast Interview I was contacted a few weeks back by Wes Moss from Wesley Moss Media to see if I was interested in being interviewed for his Podcast "Snap Shots".  Having been a podcast listener for some time, I was keen to be interviewed and see what the experience was like.  I really enjoyed the discussion with Wes but I wasn't ready for the pace at the start and it took me a little while to get into the rhythm.  Wes is a great interviewer and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my photographic work.  Wes managed to get me thinking about aspects of my work that I have not necessarily considered and it does help to distil ideas.  All in all it was a great bit of fun.  In the podcast we discuss my work, my inspiration and my creative process but mainly it is centred on why I do what I do.

You can listen the podcast via this link here 

Wes MossSnap Shots Podcast Recording

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Australian Photography Mag Portrait Photographer of the year 2018 As some of you will remember, I have entered the Australian Photography Mag Photographer of the Year competition for the last four years. Two years ago I placed 6th and last year 3rd in the People and Portrait section. Each time I made a personal commitment to push a bit harder and learn from my mistakes. I listened to the feedback provided and planned for the next series. I quickly learned that shooting a series of images that work cohesively together is not as easy as producing a single piece of work.

For the 2018 competition, I planned the shoot from the beginning and brought in collaborator Meagan O'Keefe who is a gifted dressmaker to deliver extra detail to the project. I was notified last week that I have been awarded the Photographer of the Year in the People and Portrait section!!!! The magazine should be out in newsagents from now on so grab a copy and take a look. Even more exciting for me is my image being on the front cover of the magazine. A huge honour given the rest of the images in the other sections. I am feeling pretty chuffed to say the least!

The concept for this series “The School” was inspired by my family history. The building these images are set in is the school that my Grandmother attended in the 1920’s in North West Victoria. Now abandoned and derelict, the building has so much personal history for me that I wanted to include it in my photographic work. 

The colours and textures in the building are so unique and interesting providing a great visual backdrop for this series.  The various architectural aspects of the building such as the door frames, windows and floorboards all provided me with the ability to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject.  The challenge in producing this series was finding different locations within the small building that would offer visually unique images which would come together to form a cohesive group.  Ultimately this series is one that took many hours of planning and execution but one that I am immensely proud of.

So now I can check off two long time goals - front cover plus photographer of the year all in on hit. And now for a new challenge...

The SchoolThe School The SchoolThe School The SchoolThe School The SchoolThe School The SchoolThe School


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Low Key I have recently been pushing the shadows a little harder than I usually do.  Normally I would focus on getting light into the eyes but recently I have become more interested in letting the brain work out that there are actually eyes in those shadows.  It has taught me more about posing as a result.  Getting a strong enough pose is really important in delivering a strong image when there is not the common feature of eyes present.  This image was captured using one light with a beauty dish and grid to achieve the nice strong shadow with little falloff to my background.  Definitely something I will have a little extra time with in the future projects coming up. SarahSarah

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Focusing on core interest delivers stronger results I have been playing around the edges for a while, content to have the direction set for me.  Further to my last post (yes it was a while ago) I think I am starting to see some traction in this new endeavour.  Using the mantra "turn your head in the direction you intend to travel" I have focused my work and targeted projects.  I have used what I have learnt in terms of lighting and editing to progress my work to the desired level.  The key last component was to work with individuals who could get me to the required level.  In the below image, I have definitely achieved what I was trying to deliver.  The location is the school in which my grandmother went to school at the end of the 1920's.  I wanted an image that would be aligned to that genre.  This was achieved through working with Meagan O'Keefe who has the most amazing collection of self made Victorian costumes.  Her work is simply amazing.  This for me was the icing on the cake and made the project so very seamless.  This will be my future direction as I work to incorporate my skills into the creative vision I am working towards.


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New direction?  

Recently I have been considering my direction photographically.  Bear with me here – it shouldn’t be as bad as you think.

Most of my current studio work comes about because of a lead from a model wishing to work with me.  Now sometimes I have had the idea first and direct the entire shoot but mostly it tends to be driven by the model (or stylist, or MUA and hair stylist) coming with an idea and then I assess it to see if it will add benefit to my portfolio.  But what does this mean for my own learning.  Well often it makes me consider how I am going to shoot and in addition, how I will ultimately edit the images.  Sometimes this is enough and I am definitely learning organically through this process – but is it enough?  This is the question I am now asking and thinking about where I go next.  More and more, I am thinking about specifically targeting projects rather than seeing what comes up.  The problem with this type of projects is that it requires more work for me up front.  More planning, more preparation and more production.  I’ve spent time building a capability with my photography and editing so I think it is almost time to test that investment.  “Turn your head into the direction you intend to travel.”

Gelled, "Gelled lighting", Portrait, experimental, BFP, "Brett Ferguson Photography" , Photographer, Melbourne, CreativeArielle

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Dolls Shoot I recently had the opportunity to work with a great team including model Courtney Homer, hairstylist Helen Thompson and styling by Susan Reynolds.  The concept of the shoot was to make Courtney look doll like in all aspects including makeup, clothing, lighting and editing.  


This was a fun shoot and made both the capture and editing processes interesting for me.  This set was recently published in Solis Magazine ( here

The_kickThe_kick TrustTrust DollhouseDollhouse _BFP7602_BFP7602 _BFP7830_parts_BFP7830_parts



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Engagement shoot with a difference I was recently engaged by couple Liana and Daniel to produce an image to celebrate their engagement.  But not any image.  They were seeking to replicate an image by Peter Hapak of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.  These two celebrities had organised a series of comical shots to be captured which shows all too well their light hearted nature.  As a photographer, I was intrigued by the challenge.  Having not shot much in the way of nude photography, I was somewhat hesitant but equally I wanted to see if I could go close to what is a masterpiece by Peter Hapak.  Both Liana and Daniel approached this shoot with the best spirit and sense of humour which ultimately delivered such a great output.  I also took the opportunity to capture some other fun (but clothed) shots of the couple highlighting their unique skills as hairdresser and barber.  Ultimately, these type of shoots are what being a creative photographer are all about!

Liana and Daniel Engagement Shoot pictureEngagingFun engagement shoot with Liana and Daniel Liana and Daniel posing for engagement sessionSutffyLiana and Daniel engagement shoot pic Liana and Daniel table series pictureProfessionalsLiana and Daniel Engagement Shoot pic

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Publication in Gilded Magazine After much work and effort (and planning) I have managed to get some of my best images published in Gilded Magazine.  This project evolved from a simple idea to use a red headed model.  Following that, I started to study the theme for the shoot which evolved over time and eventually became a combination of a few different themes.  Of course I wanted to incorporate my table series into this work which led to probably the strongest image from the set.  An image that was difficult to deliver in terms of post production but also in execution.  I needed a strong model to photograph in the studio and a good team for hair and makeup as well.  The costume needed to fit the period also which involved drawing in my wife to make a skirt and for me to experiment with headpieces for the shoot.  Ultimately the shoot for me the creative photographer was fun but stressful.  The model Lillian Sallie, did a great job and showed her expertise in facial expression and posing particularly.  It is satisfying as a photographer when you get a model that understands the brief so well.  After much administration, we were finally accepted into Gilded Magazine which is my second time in the mag as a photographer.


The Florist, "Melbourne Creative Photographer", "Lillian Sallie", The Florist

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Australian Photography Magazine Photographer of the year Recently found out that my "Library Series" from my "Table Series" managed 6th place in the portrait section of the Australian Photography magazine Photographer of the year for 2016. You can see my wonderful certificate here .  On reflection it appears that the portrait section of most of these competitions seem to be focussed on Black and White imagery.  In that past, I have shied away from black and white portraits because my work wasn't strong enough in my opinion.  It's a challenging mindset for a photographer I think and therefore I think I need to broaden my portrait work and focus on B&W more moving forward.  It's not just about converting a successful colour image into monochrome.  The lighting, the shadow, the subject matter, all have to be successfully incorporated.  So to that end, more of my work moving forward should push in this direction

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Australian Photography Magazine Competition Melbourne Creative Photographer Photographer of the year awards Table series Wed, 08 Feb 2017 23:33:57 GMT
Playing in the shadows I recently shot with a great model Joanne Maillet for the first time after she contacted me for a collaboration.  Joanne and I worked very well together and communication between photographer and model was good.  Ultimately, the images produced are unlike anything that I have produced before and importantly different than most things in Joanne's portfolio as well.  As a photographer, sometimes I find that I have to challenge myself and ask more of myself and the model to deliver something truly new.  This is a great example of how photographer and model can work well together and deliver some great results.  Lots of this shoot were conducted in very low light with the focus being the light falling on the skin.  Always a challenge is making sure that enough light falls on the eyes and this was no exception. JoanneJoanne

(Brett Ferguson Photography) BFP Black and white Joanne Maillet Melbourne Creative Photographer Series Studio Wed, 25 Jan 2017 07:10:16 GMT
Collaborate with great people for great results Over the weekend, I was very fortunate to collaborate in a shoot which involved a makeup artist, a hair stylist/clothing designer and two models (one experienced and one new but talented model).  Both the makeup artist and the hair stylist are at the top of their game.  Their eye for detail and impressive work has delivered so much to this project.  In essence, a great project can be achieved with great people in your team.  Fortunately, my lighting skills were up to the task and I think we have delivered such a strong set of images.  It will be a little while before they are out in the wild as I intend to assess mag submissions in the first instance to see where they can go.  These images are likely to become a strong feature on both my instagram page (@brettfergusonphotography) as well as on this site.  I can't wait to edit them to their best potential.  A great start for 2017!

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Sometimes it pays to look back Sometimes as a photographer, I keep looking forward for the next project, the next challenge.  A recent learning however was that sometimes you need to look back at an image and re-think it, re-imagine it.  In this case, an image that I took back at the start of the year, was something that I had struggled to make work.  After re-considering it, and spotting a large fence covered with a creeper, I thought that combining the two images would tell a whole new story.  The outcome is a strong image I think achieved by a wonderful collaboration with Vienne Rose and myself ConsumeConsumeViene Rose

(Brett Ferguson Photography) BFP Melbourne Creative Photographer Tattoo Tattoo photography Vienne Rose Thu, 05 Jan 2017 22:30:00 GMT
White Series As a photographer who enjoys the more creative pursuits normally, sometimes I like to add a new style to my experience base in order to learn and grow as a photographer.  In this case I wanted to try out a high key look and washed out tones with a blonde model.  After sharing the concept with the model Sarah Nicole, we worked together to deliver what I think was a success. BFPWhite SeriesSarah Nicole BFPWhite SeriesSarah Nicole BFPWhite SeriesSarah Nicole BFPWhite SeriesSarah Nicole  

(Brett Ferguson Photography) High Key Lighting Melbourne Melbourne Creative Photographer Model Photographer Studio White Series Fri, 30 Dec 2016 22:30:00 GMT
Coloured gel lighting experiments For some time, I have admired the likes of Jake Hicks who make the use of coloured gels in studio lighting both flawless and effortless.  So how hard could it be? I thought.  Turns out rather difficult actually.  Getting the lighting in the right "plane" of the models body is the first challenge.  By plane I mean that when you throw multi coloured light at a model, the lighting is likely to light one side of the model and then have either a sharp transition to a different colour from the alternate side or a blended mix.  Depending on the lighting setup, this can be used to great effect.  Lighting the lower body in one colour and the upper in another.  The other trick with gels is that you need to consider that they behave differently to when you are using non-gelled lights.  That is, to achieve a deeper colour, turning up the power of the light is likely to give you the opposite effect so you need to think in the opposite way to usual.  And the problems for the photographer don't stop there.  Editing is troublesome also.  Modifications to luminance levels can affect the colours and not in a positive way.  Black and white images with different colour casts from the gels will also have a potentially negative impact on the image.  All this said, I am pleased with my experiments so far and will continue to use gels when the need arises. Gelled lightingStand tallThis is the wonderful Riv Oliver who was happy to work with me to create this image Gelled lightingStand tallThis is the wonderful Riv Oliver who was happy to work with me to create this image

(Brett Ferguson Photography) BFP Colour Gel Gelled lighting Lingerie Melbourne Creative Photographer Studio Wed, 21 Dec 2016 04:42:00 GMT
Sleeklens Lightroom Presets I was recently contacted by Sleeklens to try out some of their LR presets and brushes and give my honest feedback on them.  I don't normally spend a lot of editing time in LR mainly because I learnt PS first and LR second (Silly me!).  I installed the presets which was straightforward and I think that they are pretty good presets.  I like that they are stackable, the layout makes sense and the brushes are very useful also.  I need to have more of a play with them but I think that I will incorporate them into my workflow more and make LR do a little more of the heavy lifting.  Thanks Sleeklens!

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Sleeklens Sat, 26 Nov 2016 00:18:58 GMT
Success at Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition Last week I learnt that I have received two acceptances in the Creative/Experimental section including a Merit for the "Black Widow" image as well as three acceptances in the Portrait/People section including a Second for "Cocoa".


CocoaCocoa Widow_BridgeWidow_Bridge

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Awards Ballarat National Photography Exhibition Creative Melbourne creative photographer Melbourne portrait photographer National Portraits Sat, 26 Nov 2016 00:15:06 GMT
Pakenham National Photography Exhibition Win Last night I arrived home to find a notification from the Pakenham National Photography Exhibition telling me that I have received four acceptances, including a certificate of merit AND that my image "The Interruption" had one best portrait, best projected image and most outstanding image of the entire exhibition.  That's out of 1344 entries!!!!  Very impressed with the result and now looking forward to the presentation on Sept 10th. The Interruption

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Awards Melbourne creative photographer National Table Series Tue, 09 Aug 2016 00:47:14 GMT
Hopetoun Photography Weekend Last weekend I took on the challenge to manage the content for a weekend photography workshop held some 400kms from Melbourne in the Mallee township of Hopetoun. With around 50 photographers we created an action packed weekend with many different themes.  We focussed on some of the abandoned homes in the district for the sunrise and sunset shoots but also managed to get in some light painting, a farm visit including shearing and horse riding as well as some motocross riders in sand dunes.  A very successful but tiring weekend away.  Feedback from the session has been extremely positive and I believe that it will be repeated in the future.  Here are some shots that I captured.

Yard sunriseYard sunrise BFerguson_WellingtonsBFerguson_Wellingtons BFerguson_Sunrise_GatesBFerguson_Sunrise_Gates BFerguson_Shearing_ShedBFerguson_Shearing_Shed


(Brett Ferguson Photography) Hopetoun Melbourne Creative Photographer Photography Workshop Fri, 05 Aug 2016 01:42:41 GMT
Image published in Dark Beauty Magazine Very pleased to have an image published in Dark Beauty Magazine.  Some time back Shane Holloway (@mr_stholloway) approached me about a collaboration using various forms of chocolate.  This sounded like lots of messy fun and we did excel with mess and fun.  The first part of the shoot involved covering Shane in Cocoa powder which was not as simple as it sounds.  Technical issues aside, we achieved the desired 'look'.  I love the texture in the shot and especially in black and white.   CocoaCocoaCocoa and photography

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Chocolate Cocoa Dark beauty Published Thu, 21 Jul 2016 01:33:25 GMT
Success at the Warragul National Photographic Exhibition Be still, go quietlyBe still, go quietly I entered the Warragul National Photography Exhibition for the first time this year by entering four photo's in the people and portrait section.  The above image "The Interruption" took out first place in the print section.  Two of the other images received acceptances.  It's a good hit rate and something that I am very pleased with.  I am going to make a concerted effort this year to get my work out there and in some of these competitions

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Competition Table Series Mon, 27 Jun 2016 05:52:41 GMT
Commendation for my portrait entries in Photographer of the year comp I learned tonight that I received a commendation for my entries in the Australian Photography Photographer of the year competition.

You can see the list here

It is nice but it drives me harder - I have since produced some better images so onwards and upwards!

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Sat, 30 Apr 2016 11:40:49 GMT
March is looking busy Somehow I have managed to book 5 shoots this month beginning tomorrow - This seems to be the ways things go as I contact people and with their commitments and my commitments it takes time to get alignment.  Now everything is aligned at once!

This month I have the following:

- the final of my inked series with the talented @viennerose which should be a fun shoot

- next week I am shooting once more with @memphisblack11 with a white-on-white theme

- a shoot with @torififoot based on B&W portraiture 

-another shoot with @laurenjohansenbell

- a shoot with an athletic theme and lots of post production

- a shoot with a musician

- perhaps a very special creative project with a MUA that I used on another shoot

OK I can't count- that's seven......  Lets see if they all happen but if they do, I'm going to be busy!

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Shooting plan Table Series Timetable Fri, 04 Mar 2016 01:16:50 GMT
Curating a group of "like" images is not so easy I started out with my latest "push" of the table series thinking that I knew where I would take it.  After some recent feedback and taking into consideration the overall group of images myself, I have come to recognise that I have possibly created two or three different branches of a tree rather than just the trunk.  The table series has shown me just how diverse a series can be - and here lies the problem.  It's not enough to add one element consistently and then assume that the rest of the series will be "held" by that anchor.  By putting effort into the story and the costume and the lighting and the post-production, I have instead created packets within the series.  Coincidentally, I have stumbled upon another part of the table series which I haven't visited for some time.  I started work on a branch of the series involving capturing people with something that they love or something that they spend time on.

Like this capture of Arvin who has a series of Star Wars lego figurines.  I will now concentrate on making sure that I have some strong captures for this part of the image set.



(Brett Ferguson Photography) Fri, 19 Feb 2016 04:16:11 GMT
Where to now? After some experimentation with some completely dark backgrounds in my creative portraiture work, I am beginning to reflect on the output of that experiment and start to think about where to next.  I have enjoyed the experimentation as part of a short course I enrolled in at the University of Tasmania.  It's been a necessary deadline provider to get me to complete the work.  All too often I take photographs but run out of time to complete the post production or experiment further with a concept.  Further experimentation has offered me the opportunity to ask ongoing questions rather than "packets" of outputs which don't relate or flow together.

Next I have an interest in bringing back some backgrounds but only just a hint of them.  Something in between where I started and this new series of works.  I want the viewer to hold and consider all that's in the frame and to search the frame for more of the story.  I would also like to start incorporating more hidden tags within the image (something that you might miss first time around) to help ask more questions of the viewer.  

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas New direction Table Series Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:08:43 GMT
A brief discussion with one of my inspiration photographers As I explained in a recent post, I have followed the work of Regina Pagles for years which has given me inspiration for my Table Series.  I now follow her work on Instagram and I recently "liked" one of her images (she no longer does this type of portraiture but now focuses on the area in which she lives).  From that "like" I noticed that she then "liked" back my "The Elder" picture as part of my series.  I decided to send back a note saying thanks for the "like" and that her works had inspired me to create the series.  A few conversations back and forth ensued and I am glad that I had the opportunity to pass on my thanks and let her know that she has inspired the work of others.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas Table series Tue, 09 Feb 2016 05:04:52 GMT
Further experimentation with backgrounds I produced the below image in my new experimental format with no discernible background image present.  Just a simple dark background - I have been trying out the "no background" images but sometimes an image speaks louder when it is grounded in it's surrounds.  I took this image in the same style as all my recent work but I contend that this image in particular works better with more context.  Interesting to have this experience to try out so many things.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas Old Masters Table series Tue, 09 Feb 2016 04:55:09 GMT
Photographer Inspiration for my table series A couple of years ago, I came across the work of Regina Pagles ( who uses a variety of models sourced from the town that she lives in (UTAH, USA).  The background, lighting and table are always the same.  In fact, she has blogged that she never ever moves any of the items in the room to ensure reproducibility.  See examples of her work here

The genius of Regina's work is the reproducibility of her work coupled with great post production skills to get a consistent "look". She also has an amazing talent for using props within the image to tell a story (sometimes quite ridiculous but often humorous).  Her prop library is extensive and she has many different items (wigs, tens of pairs of scissors, food, stuffed birds and the list goes on).

The other strong element in her pictures is the table which was intriguing to me as something so simple and yet provides a stage for the photograph.  Additionally, I suspect, it offers a barrier for the model to feel more comfortable behind - something between the camera and the subject.  The one thing about the table that I never felt comfortable with was the direction of the slats of the table. They are perpendicular to the shot rather than in line with the camera direction (maybe I am a little pedantic?).  When I built my first table for the table series, I was certain that I wanted the lines of the timber to lead to the subject - and I think this works well.  For me in the beginning, the table was the stage but the background was the hero (along with the subject) to set the scene and entertain the viewer.  With my latest experimentation, I decided to forego the background and work on making the image stand alone with the table as the centre of interest with the subject.  I have dabbled with lighting the background and more recently making it completely dark.  One of the realisations that I have made is that the lighting looks 'better' to me when it's more targeted with long moody shadows and expressions from the subject to match.

In parallel, I was amazed by the work of Bill Gekas (see here).  Bill employed both the look of the old masters dutch painters like Vermeer through replica vintage clothing, beautiful lighting and careful attention to detail in his backgrounds.  Typically achieved in camera, his work is quite extraordinary.  He also used his young daughter as the subject in many of the images but put them in scenes that might be normally meant for an older person.  A clever and interesting representation.  Given that I had three (sometimes willing) children, I was ready to begin.

One of the other important elements in making these images look their best is the costumes.  Making the clothing look the part is really one of the most important elements in my opinion.  This is often where I have been slowed down in this process as accessing these items is not simple and I am no seamstress.  I have been fortunate that my maternal grandmother has not thrown anything out (including my mothers childhood clothing) and as a result, we have been able to utilise some of this wardrobe recently to great effect.  I have also engaged my wife to produce several items where specific items were required.

In summary, my series has elements of both Bill and Regina's projects but I can happily say that I have put my own stamp on both and now I am continuing to evolve the theme to see where it leads and to learn more in the process 

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas Inspiration Tue, 02 Feb 2016 04:47:24 GMT
Rembrandt Lighting Without really setting out to achieve it, I have realised that I have a strong affinity to Rembrandt style lighting.  I have spent many hours trying to achieve just the right lighting, only to now understand that I was emulating the Rembrandt style.  It is particularly well suited to my table series work as it gives a strong mood and more character to the model.  I like the effect that this lighting style delivers to the model and allows emotion to flow freely from the image.  Images such as "Daydream" below really work because of the strong lighting impact.  Wardrobe plays such a large role in grounding the image both in sense of time and style.  This shirt is thought to be around 100 years old (and it shows) but it compliments this image nicely.

The_DaydreamThe Daydream

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas Table series Sun, 24 Jan 2016 01:26:59 GMT
Is the background important? One of my main influences in developing "The Apple Peeler" image was an American photographer from Utah.  Regina Pagles photographed people from her town in the same environment (same table and background) but with different props and clothing to tell the story.  Her imagination is endless and she came up with often funny and sometimes quite dark images.  Since then, I believe that she has quit from her photography and sold all her equipment.  This seems to be a shame.

 My development of her concept involved using composite techniques to add a background in to assist in the story telling.  The Apple Peeler was the first in that aim of using the background to set the scene and give the viewer a very good context of the image.  This however is both difficult technically and very time consuming.  Plus if you get it wrong in Photoshop, it is possible to destroy the image completely.

As a part of an online photography and social media course, I decided to revisit this project concept and to see if there are elements of it that I could take further and to test my ability to capture a strong image without a background to "lift" the image.  The advantage is that it is theoretically less taxing in PS but it also requires a strong composition and capture to make it work.  This means that at the time of capture, my imagination must be working overtime.

One image captured as a part of this project is from a series that I am developing called "in the library".  This dress was sourced from within my family and is thought to be around 85 years old.  It does require you to be a little delicate with it....  The table doesn't feature strongly here but just a hint at the edge of the frame grounds the portrait I think.

The-BookThe Book

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas table series Sun, 24 Jan 2016 01:15:26 GMT
Experimentation and development of the "Table Series" At the end of 2015 I decided to revisit a project that I started over 18 months ago.  After being inspired by a couple of photographers in particular, I decided to put together an image that would go on to shape my photography and begin a stronger focus on portraiture photography.  That image (The Apple Peeler) was at the time a once off.  At the end of 2015, I decided to explore the idea further to see what else lies beyond.  I have decided to branch out the concept and rather than having the background be so much of the image, I have decided to darken the background and attempt to have the foreground stand alone.  It's a difficult project because of the time involved in setting up each shot and the studio setup required to make everything work.  This may involve some "self" images too I suspect. The Apple PeelerThe Apple Peeler

(Brett Ferguson Photography) #smputas series table theapplepeeler Sun, 24 Jan 2016 00:50:38 GMT
2016 here we come Well 2015 certainly changed the way I view my photography.  I made what I believe to be a solid start in improving my work overall with a strong focus on studio shooting and pushing myself creatively.  The 2015 year brought about many awards and accolades and I will push forward for future success in that area in the year to come.  You can only lean so far into the wind before you must fly or fall...


(Brett Ferguson Photography) Mon, 04 Jan 2016 04:51:04 GMT
Cosplay photoshoot I sent out a casting call to the Melbourne Cosplay Community to try and find someone interested in giving me the opportunity to have some fun in photoshop to produce something truly wonderful.  I found a great team in @est1990.cosplay and my favourite makup artist Sam Voss .  This is one of the shots we produced.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Agents Avengers Black Cosplay Marvel Widow of shield Mon, 07 Dec 2015 23:27:03 GMT
Winning image in National Centre for Farmer Health Photo comp I was really pleased on the weekend to learn that my image had been selected as the Open Category Winner for the National Centre for Farmer Health photo comp for 2015.  This topic is close to my heart coming from a farming background.  Its nice to have images being recognised too.  You can see the post here:

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Photography Rural competition Mon, 07 Dec 2015 23:01:15 GMT
The Watermelon Girl makes it to finalist of shoot the chef competition For the second year in a row, one of my images has made it to the finalist stage of the Fairfax Shoot the chef competition.  For me this is a great achievement and something that allows me to plan an image from start to finish.  The image went on to be exhibited at the Parramatta Gallery as a part of the exhibition.


(Brett Ferguson Photography) Mon, 30 Nov 2015 22:47:56 GMT
Image of Josephine Grech a finalist in Fairfax competition Fall Finalist in May Fairfax compFall Finalist in May Fairfax comp My image of Soprano Josephine Grech was nominated as a finalist in the Fairfax Clique competition.  This image is from a series of photos of local Soprano Josephine Grech.


(Brett Ferguson Photography) Clique Fairfax Fall Grech Josephine Series Soprano Sat, 27 Jun 2015 22:03:48 GMT
The Apple Peeler wins July edition of Australian Photography and Digital Magazine Very happy to learn that "The Apple Peeler" has won the July edition of the Australian Photography and Digital magazine.  In doing so, the image has won me a new Eizo Colouredge CS230 monitor.  Very pleased with that

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Australian Photography and Digital Magazine Sat, 27 Jun 2015 21:53:34 GMT
The Orange Girl picks up a Merit Award at the 2015 VAPS awards My image, "The Orange Girl" has been awarded a merit at the 2015 VAPS awards held in Bendigo.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Merit VAPS award awards Sun, 21 Jun 2015 06:43:59 GMT
International success continues for The Apple Peeler The Apple Peeler image continues to do well at International photographic competitions.  It has recently picked up "Best Child" image at the 2015 Oklahoma International in the United States.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Apple International Oklahoma Peeler. The Sun, 21 Jun 2015 06:41:47 GMT
Four Acceptances at 2015 Vigex International I am very happy to report that I managed to get acceptances for all four entries for the "People" section of the 2015 Vigex International Print Photograph Salon.  The Link to the site is here.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Competition International Vigex Thu, 19 Mar 2015 23:20:28 GMT
International Success for "The Apple Peeler" I am very excited that my image "The Apple Peeler" has had continued success and won a VAPS GOLD MEDAL at the 2015 Vigex International Print Photography Salon in the people section.  The exhibition opens on the 28th of March.  Link to Vigex site here


(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Competition International Vigex Thu, 19 Mar 2015 23:17:54 GMT
Maitland International Salon Acceptances I was recently advised that I have achieved three acceptances for the 2015 Maitland International Salon in the Portrait section. The three successful images are "Cracked", "The Orange Girl" and "The beauty of light" CrackedCracked The Beauty of lightThe Beauty of light

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Acceptances Maitland International Fri, 13 Feb 2015 19:34:37 GMT
"The Apple Peeler" features on Ballarat Nationals Website The Apple Peeler is now uploaded on to the Ballarat Nationals 2014 Gallery highlighting all the winners and place-getters.  You can find it here

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Thu, 15 Jan 2015 00:08:15 GMT
Opening of Ballarat Nationals Competition Exhibition Today I attended the Ballarat Nationals Exhibition opening to accept the first place in the portrait section and Grand Reserve Print of all sections.  Quite an honour for me and my first entry into national competitions.  Hopefully this success with continue but not without hard work.  Plenty of ideas, I just need to convert them to reality.

Ballarat NationalsBallarat Nationals

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Sun, 14 Dec 2014 07:18:50 GMT
Cam and Cait's wedding Portsea Camcait_selects-5759Camcait_selects-5759

I had the great pleasure in being the photographer for Cam and Caitlin on the 29th November.  These two people are so good together and one of the happiest couples I know.  The working chemistry between them is immediately obvious and their combined energy is a huge.  

They had some of the best weather for the day in the beautiful Point Nepean National Park set at the Commanding Officers residence.  With views from the top of the hill back towards Portsea beach and the rest of the bay the backdrop was amazing.  Photographically dappled light and strong contrasting light made my job a little more difficult however.  The brief from the couple was quite simply to capture the day although we had a few extra "hero shots" that I wanted to capture and Cam and Cait were only too happy to oblige.



(Brett Ferguson Photography) Cam and Cait Port Nepean Portsea Wedding Mon, 08 Dec 2014 01:30:19 GMT
The Apple Peeler wins the 2014 Ballarat Nationals Photo Competition I am thrilled that my image "The Apple Peeler" has been awarded first place in the Portraiture section of the 46th Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition AND Reserve Champion Print for all categories.  The Exhibition of all accepted images runs from December 13th to mid January.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Ballarat Nationals The Apple Peeler Thu, 06 Nov 2014 21:54:51 GMT
Shoot the chef finalist I was very pleased to have my image "The Apple Peeler" selected as a finalist in "The Age" and "Sydney Morning Herald" annual competition.  Each year Fairfax have a competition to "shoot the chef" and I thought that my image worked well in that category.  You can see the image in personal projects tab on the website or here

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Thu, 16 Oct 2014 22:32:24 GMT
Tokyo Fish Market Tuna Auction After a failed attempt the prior morning (the tour was full) we arrived at the Tsukiji Market at about 3.20am.  We were some of the first there but by about 4.30am the second group was full also.  You need to line up at the Kachidoki Gate off Harumi Street (near the Kachidoki bridge) and you will then be escorted through to the "holding pen" for the tour participants.  The first group of 65 people go through at 0525 and the second group 25 mins later - there is only a maximum of 130 for each day so if you are number 131, you cannot enter the tour group. The tour is free and fairly well organised.  You need to keep your wits about you however as the market is filled with fast moving forklifts.   You get to see the grading of the fish and one of the auctions before being swiftly removed from site.  Public access to the rest of the market opens at around 9am.  Its well worth the effort of getting up early!

Tokyo Tuna AuctionTokyo Tuna AuctionMETADATA-START



(Brett Ferguson Photography) Tokyo Fish Market Tokyo Tuna Auction Tuna auction Sat, 13 Sep 2014 09:59:35 GMT
Williamstown Photographer Brett Ferguson Photography covers the Williamstown and Newport areas.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Fri, 11 Jul 2014 00:42:47 GMT
Newport VIC Photographer Brett Ferguson Photography covers the locals photography requirements for Williamstown and Newport areas.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Fri, 11 Jul 2014 00:41:58 GMT
Web Site Launch Today marks the launch of my new website and perhaps a new direction.  I am a Melbourne based photographer living in the inner western suburbs.  My photography business is in it's infancy but I am hopeful that it will serve to feed my passion for taking good images and working with people to create something meaningful.

(Brett Ferguson Photography) Tue, 24 Jun 2014 01:05:58 GMT