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Rembrandt Lighting

January 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Without really setting out to achieve it, I have realised that I have a strong affinity to Rembrandt style lighting.  I have spent many hours trying to achieve just the right lighting, only to now understand that I was emulating the Rembrandt style.  It is particularly well suited to my table series work as it gives a strong mood and more character to the model.  I like the effect that this lighting style delivers to the model and allows emotion to flow freely from the image.  Images such as "Daydream" below really work because of the strong lighting impact.  Wardrobe plays such a large role in grounding the image both in sense of time and style.  This shirt is thought to be around 100 years old (and it shows) but it compliments this image nicely.

The_DaydreamThe Daydream


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