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Where to now?

February 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After some experimentation with some completely dark backgrounds in my creative portraiture work, I am beginning to reflect on the output of that experiment and start to think about where to next.  I have enjoyed the experimentation as part of a short course I enrolled in at the University of Tasmania.  It's been a necessary deadline provider to get me to complete the work.  All too often I take photographs but run out of time to complete the post production or experiment further with a concept.  Further experimentation has offered me the opportunity to ask ongoing questions rather than "packets" of outputs which don't relate or flow together.

Next I have an interest in bringing back some backgrounds but only just a hint of them.  Something in between where I started and this new series of works.  I want the viewer to hold and consider all that's in the frame and to search the frame for more of the story.  I would also like to start incorporating more hidden tags within the image (something that you might miss first time around) to help ask more questions of the viewer.  


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