Brett Ferguson Photography | Playing in the shadows

Playing in the shadows

January 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently shot with a great model Joanne Maillet for the first time after she contacted me for a collaboration.  Joanne and I worked very well together and communication between photographer and model was good.  Ultimately, the images produced are unlike anything that I have produced before and importantly different than most things in Joanne's portfolio as well.  As a photographer, sometimes I find that I have to challenge myself and ask more of myself and the model to deliver something truly new.  This is a great example of how photographer and model can work well together and deliver some great results.  Lots of this shoot were conducted in very low light with the focus being the light falling on the skin.  Always a challenge is making sure that enough light falls on the eyes and this was no exception. JoanneJoanne


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