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Engagement shoot with a difference

May 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was recently engaged by couple Liana and Daniel to produce an image to celebrate their engagement.  But not any image.  They were seeking to replicate an image by Peter Hapak of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.  These two celebrities had organised a series of comical shots to be captured which shows all too well their light hearted nature.  As a photographer, I was intrigued by the challenge.  Having not shot much in the way of nude photography, I was somewhat hesitant but equally I wanted to see if I could go close to what is a masterpiece by Peter Hapak.  Both Liana and Daniel approached this shoot with the best spirit and sense of humour which ultimately delivered such a great output.  I also took the opportunity to capture some other fun (but clothed) shots of the couple highlighting their unique skills as hairdresser and barber.  Ultimately, these type of shoots are what being a creative photographer are all about!

Liana and Daniel Engagement Shoot pictureEngagingFun engagement shoot with Liana and Daniel Liana and Daniel posing for engagement sessionSutffyLiana and Daniel engagement shoot pic Liana and Daniel table series pictureProfessionalsLiana and Daniel Engagement Shoot pic


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