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New direction?

November 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Recently I have been considering my direction photographically.  Bear with me here – it shouldn’t be as bad as you think.

Most of my current studio work comes about because of a lead from a model wishing to work with me.  Now sometimes I have had the idea first and direct the entire shoot but mostly it tends to be driven by the model (or stylist, or MUA and hair stylist) coming with an idea and then I assess it to see if it will add benefit to my portfolio.  But what does this mean for my own learning.  Well often it makes me consider how I am going to shoot and in addition, how I will ultimately edit the images.  Sometimes this is enough and I am definitely learning organically through this process – but is it enough?  This is the question I am now asking and thinking about where I go next.  More and more, I am thinking about specifically targeting projects rather than seeing what comes up.  The problem with this type of projects is that it requires more work for me up front.  More planning, more preparation and more production.  I’ve spent time building a capability with my photography and editing so I think it is almost time to test that investment.  “Turn your head into the direction you intend to travel.”

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